W1S1 [i:t] v past tense ate [et, eıt US eıt] past participle eaten [ˈi:tn]
3 eat your words
4 eat your heart out
5 eat somebody alive/eat somebody for breakfast
7 eat humble pie
8 I'll eat my hat
9 have somebody eating out of your hand
10 eat somebody out of house and home
11 what's eating somebody?
12 I could eat a horse
13 I/we won't eat you
14 you are what you eat
Phrasal verbs
 eat something<=>away
 eat away at something/somebody
 eat in
 eat into something
 eat out
 eat up
[: Old English; Origin: etan]
1.) ¦(FOOD)¦ [I and T]
to put food in your mouth and chew and swallow it
Felix chatted cheerfully as he ate.
A small girl was eating an ice cream.
We had plenty to eat and drink.
It's important to eat healthily when you are pregnant.
I exercise and eat right and get plenty of sleep.
Would you like something to eat ?
She can eat like a horse and never put on weight.
We stopped at McDonalds to get a bite to eat .
Good eating habits are the best way of preventing infection.
ready-to-eat foods such as deli meats and cheeses
'More cake?' 'No thanks, I couldn't eat another thing .'
No chicken for me. I don't eat meat (=I never eat meat) .
Does Rob eat fish?
2.) ¦(MEAL)¦ [I and T]
to have a meal
Let's eat first and then go to a movie.
We had just started eating breakfast when the phone rang.
eat at
We could not afford to eat at Walker's very often.
3.) eat your words
to admit that what you said was wrong
I'm going to make you eat your words.
4.) eat your heart out
a) used to say, especially humorously, that something is very good
That's a great drawing. Pablo Picasso eat your heart out!
b) BrE to be unhappy about something or to want someone or something very much
If you had any sense you'd forget him, but eat your heart out if you want to.
5.) eat sb alive/eat sb for breakfast
to be very angry with someone or to defeat them completely
You can't tell him that - he'll eat you alive!
6.) ¦(USE)¦ [T]
to use a very large amount of something
This car eats petrol.
7.) eat humble pie also eat crow AmE
to admit that you were wrong and say that you are sorry
8.) I'll eat my hat
used to emphasize that you think something is not true or will not happen
If the Democrats win the election, I'll eat my hat!
9.) have sb eating out of your hand
to have made someone very willing to believe you or do what you want
He soon had the client eating out of his hand.
10.) eat sb out of house and home
to eat a lot of someone's supply of food, so that they have to buy more - used humorously
11.) what's eating sb?
spoken used to ask why someone seems annoyed or upset
What's eating Sally today? She just yelled at me.
12.) I could eat a horse
spoken used to say you are very hungry
13.) I/we won't eat you
spoken used to tell someone that you are not angry with them and they need not be frightened
14.) you are what you eat
used to say that you will be healthy if the food you eat is healthy
have your cake and eat it atcake1 (6)
eat away [eat sth<=>away] phr v
to gradually remove or destroy something
= ↑erode
The stones are being eaten away by pollution.
eat away at / [eat away at sth/sb] phr v
1.) to gradually remove or reduce the amount of something
His gambling was eating away at their income.
2.) to make someone feel very worried over a long period of time
The thought of mother alone like that was eating away at her.
eat in phr v
to eat at home instead of in a restaurant
eat into [eat into sth] phr v
1.) to gradually reduce the amount of time, money etc that is available
John's university fees have been eating into our savings.
2.) to gradually damage or destroy something
Acid eats into the metal, damaging its surface.
eat out phr v
to eat in a restaurant instead of at home
Do you eat out a lot?
eat up phr v
1.) to eat all of something
Come on, eat up, there's a good girl.
eat sth<=>up
She's made a cake and wants us to help eat it up.
2.) eat sth<=>up informal
to use a lot of something, especially until there is none left
Big cars just eat up money.
3.) be eaten up with/by jealousy/anger/curiosity etc
to be very jealous, angry etc, so that you cannot think about anything else
COLLOCATES for sense 1
eat well/healthily/sensibly (=eat food that will keep you healthy)
eat right American English (=eat food that will keep you healthy)
eat properly British English (=eat food that will keep you healthy)
eat hungrily
something to eat (=some food)
eat like a horse informal (=eat a very large amount)
eat like a bird informal (=eat very little)
a bite to eat informal (=some food)
eating habits
eating disorder (=a medical condition in which you do not eat normally)
ready-to-eat (=used to describe foods that you do not have to prepare)
I couldn't eat another thing/bite spoken (=used to say that you are full)

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.


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